7th of May: Mother’s Day

Mother day in LithuaniaOn the 1st Sunday of May Lithuanians celebrate the Mother’s day. It is the day when people express their appreciation and love towards mothers. Usually Lithuanians not only give flowers and candies for their mums, but also spend some time together and give them some rest by taking over their regular duties. Thankfully, this celebration in Lithuania is not so widely commercialized, but still flowers’ sellers prepare for celebration much in advance.

Many nations worldwide have different dates for this holiday. Majority countries in Europe commemorate it on the second Sunday in May, while the Arab world on the Spring equinox. There is no specific reason why Lithuanians decided to choose exactly this day and not the middle of May as in many countries around. The fact is that the Mother’s day was officially recognized in Lithuania as the National holiday in 1929. During the Soviet times the celebration was eliminated and instead Lithuanians had to commemorate International Women’s day. Of course, some families still secretly greeted their mothers in May. Finally, just one month before restoration of Lithuanian’s independence in 1990, the 9th of February, Lithuanian parliament brought the Lithuanian celebrations such as Easter,  Christmas and others together with the Mother’s day back to National holiday list.


Mother’s Day

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