IMG_5459   Ancient Tunnel of Vilnius,, will be shown during Vilnius Alternative Tour   Private Tours, Vilnius  Part of Vilnius Free Tour itinerary -Bastion of Vilnius

We also offer you to order both our tours listed on our website Old Town Tour and  Alternative Tour as a Private Tour. You can choose the time and date that suit you the best.

Rates: For the 2 – 3 h tour in English language we charge you the following:

  • 1, 2 persons –35 eur in total;
  • 3, 4 persons, – 15 eur per person;
  • 5 persons- 12 eur per person;
  • 6  and more, – 10 eur per person.

Minimum two persons are required.

The main advantage of a private tour is that you are the boss, you can decide where the tour starts and ends, what kind of transport vehicles will be used (Foot/Bicycle/Public Transport), how long it lasts and where it finishes. The tour can cover your area of interests, just do not forget to contact us in advance and specify your needs!

Suggestions for personalizing your tours:

Bicycle trip outside Vilnius Old Town;

Glimpse out of the center by public transport;

Panoramic views of Vilnius;

Night adventures, legends and ghosts;

and a lot of room for your personal wishes!

Contact us at for more information.