Our goal

Vilnius Free Walking Tours tour guides

Our goal is to create professional free walking tours in Vilnius that will be informative, interesting, yet fun at the same time. We are searching for the optimal way to present our stories, not merely focusing on dates and facts, but trying to explain the reasons why something happened or takes place now.

Good mood is a mandatory attribute of our guide that is always trying to add some positive thoughts at the end of the stories.

One more thing that is very important for us is communication. We appreciate your questions, and we are very happy to satisfy your curiosity. So don’t be shy to ask questions, share your stories and experiences, because it helps us to develop and become more professional.

Happy guide, happy tourists, nice views and breathtaking stories – all this and much more during our free walking tours of Vilnius.

Don’t hesitate and join our Old Town Free tour and Undiscovered Free tour!

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