Have you already been to the old town tour with us and would like to understand the city’s past better? We invite you to order the private Jewish tour with us! The history of Vilnius is unimaginable without Jews that lived here since the foundation of the city and composed a significant part of the city’s population. The Jewish culture thrived through the centuries in Vilnius and many signs of it are still visible today.

When? At the moment private Jewish tours are available only;

Where? In front of the Gediminas monument at Cathedral square or a location that is convenient to you;

Duration: 2 -2,5 hours;

One of the wall to the entrance to Jewish ghetto. The picture of the Jew from the past of the initiative "The Walls that remember" can be seen in the private Jewish tour in Vilnius

How much? Prices for the 2-2,5 Jewish tour in Vilnius:

  • 1 person,  – 90 eur in total
  • 2  persons, – 100 eur in total
  • 3- 4, – 110 eur in total
  • 5-6, – 120 eur in total
  • 7-8– 130 eur in total
  • 9 -10 and more – 140 eur in total
  • 10 and more 14 eur per person

To order this tour, please contact us in advance at  info@vilniusfreetour.lt.

The highlights and topics of the private Jewish tour in Vilnius:

  • Secret courtyards of the former Jewish quarter
  • The places of former Jewish shops, schools, synagogues, and printing houses
  • Winding streets of the Jewish ghettos
  • Many many thriving stories of the pre-war Jewish community
  • Jewish destiny during the II world war and fascinating survival stories
  • The most famous Jews that lived in Vilnius (from Gaon ben Elijahu to Jasha Heifetz)
  • Optional: Visit to the only remaining synagogue in Vilnius (optional, additional cost 2 eur per person)

This 2-2,5 hour Jewish walking tour begins in the old town and takes you through the winding streets reflecting the rich Jewish history in Vilnius. The city, also known as the “Jerusalem of the North,” was once home to a thriving Jewish population that played a significant role in the city’s economic, social, and intellectual life. Even though the current Jewish population in Vilnius is relatively small, the city is still full of Jewish signs from the past: Yidish inscriptions of shops or restaurants as well as plaques and statues dedicated to the most famous local Jews from Vilnius Gaon to Jascha Heifetz. 

This Jewish tour in Vilnius is a powerful reminder of the vibrant Jewish culture that once flourished in the city and the tragic events that led to its destruction. It is a must-see for anyone interested in Jewish history and culture and a moving tribute to the resilience and endurance of the Jewish people.