Meet our team that consists of certified local tour guides that are passionate about this charming city and love sharing the stories and their favorite spots in Vilnius. Guiding is not only our profession but the way of life too. You can join us on both our free tours: Old Town tour and Undiscovered Vilnius tour. Let’s discover the city of Vilnius together!


Ugne the tour guide of Vilnius Free Walking tours

Two things that I’m very much interested in are languages and history. I’ve graduated with a degree in philology and history has always been my passion. My favourite period of history is the mystical Middle Ages and luckily, Vilnius Old town dates back exactly to that time so I’m constantly looking for new crazy facts to share with you.

Of course, just like most of you out there, I absolutely love travelling. Doing the free walking tours I found that meeting travelling people is nearly just as interesting as travelling myself! It’s a job that also became my way of life. Spending time outside in any weather and watching seasons change, always meeting different people and getting an amazing opportunity to tell and learn about things taking place means that I’m always excited about a tour and I really can’t wait to meet you!


Historian that does not talk much about history.

Marius the tour guide of Vilnius Free Walking tours

Hey guys, my name is Marius, a local guide in Vilnius. I‘m a true Vilnian – born and raised here. I studied history, so I really like historical topics and questions from you. However, Vilnius has far more to offer than rich stories. I think today’s life is very interesting and has a lot to offer for everyone. That‘s why I like to reveal today’s life of local Vilnians – what we do, where to party, eat or relax, what we believe in, and what are our strengths. And all of these things have a smaller or bigger interaction with events from the past.

As all of us, I like to travel, I‘m trying to visit as many places as I can, so meeting tourists from all over the world helps me to feed an inner desire for different cultures. Strange for a guide but sometimes you can find me asking more questions than getting from you 🙂


Vytautė the tour guide of Vilnius Free Walking tours

A few words about myself: I am an enthusiastic traveler, history lover, optimist, and sports addict. I love discovering and showing nontraditional paths and secret courtyards of Vilnius.  Guiding and especially free tours are my passion. You never know how many people will show up, what countries of the world they will be from. I like this uncertainty, each tour is like a small adventure for me. I tell people stories about my beloved city Vilnius, and learn from them about their countries and traveling experiences, as I always try to know the guests on the way.

Ask me questions during the tour, I love it! This way I can improve my knowledge, understand what interests you the most and do my best to turn each tour into unforgettable experience for each member of the group and for me too!


Hello, my name is Remigijus or just Remis.

Remigijus the tour guide of Vilnius Free Walking toursMy home town is Tauragė, situated in western part of Lithuania. Since 2002 I moved to Vilnius for my studies and fall in love with the city. I’m an IT guy. So quite often people are surprised – IT people do not speak much, they live in their own galaxy. But I like to walk a lot. Also, I like to meet and have conversation with different people, learn more about different cultures.

As I fall in love with Vilnius, I was eager to know more about the city history. So I was reading books. After I read a novel where part of the story was happening in XVII – XVIII century VIlnius, I decided to dig deeper and learn more about our beautiful capital of Lithuania. That’s how I joined guide’s classes.

So now in my free time I’m walking on those narrow, beautiful streets, exploring courtyards of Vilnius Old Town (and not only Old Town). And I’m very happy when I can see someone following me, so then I can share some interesting stories, legends, o just have good conversation about life in the city. 

Vilnius is really charming and magical city. Not so small, not so big, not so crowded. So everyone can find what to do, where to party, where to relax. Just don’t hesitate to ask when we will meet on the street.


Laura the tour guide of Vilnius Free Walking tours

One of my biggest passions is travelling and I always thought that the best way to get to know a country is to live there or to spend some time with locals if it is a short stay or a weekend getaway. Almost in every European city that I visited (and I have visited a lot of them!), I took a free walking tour and I liked the concept so much that I thought that I could be a perfect guide too.

I was born and raised in Vilnius, so I know by heart its every corner and the rich history behind them. I always do my best to share my knowledge with travellers and to make them fall in love with my beautiful hometown too. Maybe it is the reason why I have never been so happy and proud of living in Vilnius as I am being a guide.

Finally, meeting all these interesting people from the whole world is a perfect opportunity for me to travel without moving my feet from Lithuania.