Meeting point, monument of Gediminas, Vilnius Free Walking Tours
The meeting point is Gediminas statue at cathedral square.

When?  Daily at 10:30 am

In summer, additional afternoon tours daily at 15:30.

The minimum number of participants: 4.

Note: No free tours on the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Booking is necessary in advance via the email or the booking page.

Where? Starts in front of the monument of Gediminas at Cathedral square.

How much? Based on tips, that means that if you like the tour you can evaluate the job of the guide by giving him some tips.

Duration:  2 ~2,5 hours.

Note!  Wear comfortable shoes, cause we will walk about 4 km!

The highlights of the free walking tour:

  • Cathedral square and its surroundings – the area around which the first inhabitants of Vilnius settled
  • Vilnius University that is the oldest and the biggest in Lithuania
  • The presidential palace, the gleaming, white ceremonial building where the President works today
  • The Town Hall and its surroundings
  • The Republic of Užupis that is the “separate country” close to the Old Town
  • St Anne’s and Bernardine churches, the gothic corner of Vilnius
  • All this and much more…

The Vilnius Old Town Free Tour is the best way to get a perfect introduction to the city and its many years of powerful history. This tour includes both well-known sites that every city guest should visit and hidden corners that would be hard for a traveler to discover alone.

During the walking tour, we will tell you the many things and cheerful stories about Lithuania and Vilnius, the history, architecture, economy, politics, education, and people. We strongly believe that this will help you to have a better understanding of our beloved city.

Wear comfortable shoes; Get in a good mood; Turn your camera on, and join our daily walking tours!

P.S For the detailed description of Vilnius Free Old Town Tour, click here.