When? At the moment private Soviet tours are available only;

Where? In front of the Gediminas monument at Cathedral square or location that is convenient to you;

Duration: 2 -2,5 hours;

How much? Prices for the 2-2,5 Soviet tour in Vilnius:

  • 1 person,  – 90 eur in total
  • 2  persons, – 100 eur in total
  • 3- 4, – 110 eur in total
  • 5-6, – 120 eur in total
  • 7-8, – 130 eur in total
  • 9-10 – 140 eur in total
  • 11 and more – 14 eur per person
National Library of Lithuania in the Independence Square

To order this tour, please contact us in advance at  info@vilniusfreetour.lt.

Let us take you on a journey to the recent past of Lithuania that is still live in our grandparents’ and parents’ minds. During this 2-hour walking tour, we will show you the highlights of Soviet architecture accompanied by the stories of life in Vilnius during the Communism Times. We will tell you the most important stages of Soviet history from “Vilnius liberation” by the Red Army until the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991. You will get to know much more about the leaders of the former USSR, censorship, propaganda, the absurdities of daily life – the good as well as the bad, and, most importantly, the independence movement leading up to the restoration of Lithuania’s Independence.

Our overall goal is more ambitious than just showing you a few Socialist sites and sharing some anecdotes from the Soviet times. We strongly believe that at the end of the tour, you will have a holistic understanding of Socialist idealogy, the stages of its history, and the long-term consequences to the mentality of people that are passed on to nowadays generations.

The highlights and topics of the Soviet Vilnius walking tour:

  • The most impressive Socialist architecture in Vilnius
  • The stories from everyday life in Soviet Vilnius
  • The biggest partisan war in the Baltic States
  • Unarmed anti-Soviet resistance
  • First independent years after the Soviet Union collapsed