Vilnius river in January or when it is cold

This year we continue our tradition to present the things to do in our city each month. If you come to Vilnius in January, our article can help you to plan your visit. So keep on reading!

Despite that it’s the middle of the winter,  January can be a very good month for travelling to Vilnius. Flights and bus tickets are less expensive,  the city is not so crowded and less commercial. In this time, Vilnius is calm, peaceful and very charming with it’s white streets, forested hills, and medieval courtyards. Thus, don’t think too much, pack your things and come for a short stay in Vilnius in January.

If you turn up in Vilnius in January, here are tips for your visit.

1st of January: National Flag day

1st of January is not only the first day of a year, but it is also the National Flag Day. During the interwar independence,  our tricolor was first raised on Gediminas tower in 1919 1st of January. In the beginning, the delegates wanted to use two colors, the red and the green that are based on the country’s traditional national costume. Since this combination was too gloomy, it was decided to add yellow to make it brighter. Each color has its’ own simple, but deep meaning:  yellow represents the sun and goodness; green stands for nature and hope and the red symbolizes the courage and blood that was lost in the fights for freedom.

A solemn flag-raising ceremony is held on Gediminas tower each 1st day of the year.

From 1st to 6th of January: Continuation of Festive Season

Although the Christmas is over, the Christmas spirit will stay in the city till the 6th of January.  The Christmas markets in cathedral and Town Hall squares will be buzzing in a festive mood with winter songs, hot wine, and gingerbread cookies. The Christmas train will fife riding around the old town and the main Christmas trees will still twinkle with lights and glad our eyes.Visiting Vilnius in December

The 6th-7th of January: The Farewell to holidays

The festive season in Vilnius finishes on a day of Three Kings. Traditionally, the parade of three- meters high figures of  Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar will start at 16:30 from the Gates of Dawn , continues through the “Pilies” street and will end at the cathedral square. The playful theatricalized procession with music and dances will follow them on the way.

The 13th of January: “Bloody Sunday”

The most important historical date this month is the 13th of January, usually dedicated to commemorate “Bloody Sunday” events that happened 27 years ago in Vilnius.

13th of January in 1991 was the day when Soviet troops cracked down in Vilnius to crush the newly reborn Lithuanian state. Thousands of freedom fighters surrounded the Television Tower and Radio headquarters that were targeted by Soviets. The invaders were also heading towards parliament, but had to deal with an immense crowd of unarmed Lithuanians determined to protect it with their own lives. Thankfully, Soviets decided to refuse plans to storm it and turned the tanks back. Consequences were still tragic, 14 peaceful defenders lost their lives, hundreds more wounded.

The TV tower and broadcasting studios were under Soviet control until the August coup in Russia, but nobody paid attention to their propaganda.

If you will be in Vilnius at that time, try to take part in concerts dedicated to a memory of these events. Bonfires of hope are lighted next to the parliament, the songs of freedom singed in the city.

12th of January: Traditional Running Event “On the way of life and death”

Already 28th traditional running event “On the way of life and death” will be held in Vilnius on 13th of January. It will start in Antakalnis Cemetery where the 14 victims of “Bloody Sunday” events are buried. The participants will honor the memory of the victims by putting flowers on their graves and then the freedom run will start. The finish line will be in front of the Television Tower, the highest building in Lithuania, where all these tragic events took place 27 years ago.

When?  12th of January at 12:00 am;

How much? Free admission;

All participants will be awarded by medals at the finish line. You can register here. Have in mind that registration is in Lithuanian language only.


From 25th till 27th of January: Adventur 2018

Adventur is the only international tourism and active leisure exhibition in Lithuania held each year. It offers a possibility to discover travel and leisure activities in Lithuania and abroad. Visiting it can help to get a better image of whole country. This year it focuses on smaller Lithuanian cities, showcases pictures from different parts of the country and even offers an opportunity to “Taste Lithuania”, discover it’s culture through food and beverages.

When? From 25 to 27 of January;

Where? Litexpo exhibition hall; Read more…

Last Tips about the Weather

Be prepared for all types of weather- coldness, wind, rain or sun.

January is the coldest month in Lithuania, that is why it can be very beautiful with hills of snow, frosted trees under a clear, blue sky.  At the same time, nowadays temperatures vary a lot. It can happen that snow and freeze come for two weeks and when suddenly weather changes to zero or plus and snow melts. So check the weather forecast very carefully, since it is possible you might need either an umbrella or a very warm down jacket here.

You can check the weather forecast here.

If you need more specific information about the concerts, performances hold in Vilnius, don’t hesitate to contact us at info(eta)