Visit Vilnius in April. It is sunny and warm.Have you decided to visit Vilnius in April?

Great choice! April is the right month to travel to Vilnius. The days get longer, sunnier and warmer, the flights and bus tickets are cheaper and the city is still less crowded.

Do you need more reasons for visiting Vilnius this month? Hope not, so pack your bags and keep on reading our article about the best things to do in Vilnius in April.

1st of April: Fools’ day or Liars day in Lithuania

Fool's day We Lithuanians, also celebrate the fools day (we call it all liars day) with naughty jokes and general silliness. Friends, colleagues, family members try to cheat on each other once in a year. Lithuanians believe that if you won’t trick anybody on the 1st of April, your year will be unsuccessful. If you get fooled, don’t get angry. Cheer up, it’s a fools’ day!

1st of April: Uzupis Independence day

The best way to spend a fools’ day in Vilnius is Uzupis! Uzupis is a bohemian, self-proclaimed republic next to the city center. Despite the fact that this “republic” is not recognized by any other state in the world, it still has its own prime minister, president, parliament, constitution and its celebrations.

The “republic” was established by ex-hippie community in 1997 on  the 1st of April.  The choice of date suggests that the whole thing is not that serious and the key values of the republic are humor and a good mood.

Each 1st of April is the day when all of the bridges become custom offices, everyone should pass border control before crossing the state. But don’t worry, it does not take that long! It is the only day in the year when the currency of Uzupis, called Uzis, circulates in local bars, restaurants and cafes. The main streets and art galleries will be  full of musicians and happy people celebrating. Please check the full programme of this anniversary here.

6th of April: FIDI (“The dinosaurs have become extinct, but physicists have survived!”)

On the 6th of April, the city of Vilnius belongs to physicists! FIDI (pronounced “Phee-Dee”) is probably the most famous students’ celebration held on the first Saturday of April since 1969 or even earlier. The festivity consists of two parts.

The first one takes place in Sauletekis – part of Vilnius mainly inhabited by students. The surroundings of the faculty of physics transform to a self-made amusement park created by quick-witted students. Everyone is welcome to try these “special carousels”.

Visit Vilnius during FIDI- the biggest student celebrationThe second part goes into the city streets. According to the legend,  a few hundred years ago,  a frightening dragon swallowed the girl and now each year the physics go to philologists to redeem one’s fault. That is why the huge statue of Dinosaur travels a long way through the city (about 8 km) towards the Faculty of Philology in the city center to apologize philology students. You have to see it!

The culmination and the most relaxing part is the evening concert held in different places in the city each year. 

From 21st till 22nd of April Easter

Easter traditions in LithuaniaAs most of Lithuanians are Catholics, the Easter is widely celebrated. People usually spend Easter days with family. It is the time of concentration and joy of the forthcoming spring.

If you chose Vilnius as your Easter holidays destination, I bet you would like to know more about Easter traditions in Lithuania.

From 27 till 28th of April: Open House Vilnius

If you visit Vilnius on these days and if you love architecture, you are twice lucky. This weekend Open House festival will be organized in the capital.

Open House Vilnius is a special weekend in Vilnius dedicated to architecture. During these days most of the remarkable Vilnius buildings that have a special significance to the city open their doors to visitors. Volunteers guide tours in the buildings reflecting the history, architecture and the meaning of the place. Some houses are open for public only on these days, so it is a unique opportunity to explore Vilnius architecture and get to know more about history.

The Open House initiative started in London in 1992 and since that time inspired other cities in the world to join the event. Currently, it happens every year in more than thirty cities around the world. In 2015 Vilnius joined this initiative being the first city of Baltic States to organize this activity. Amazing, isn’t it?

P.S Most of the tours will be held in Lithuanian language, but even if you do not understand the word in Lithuanian, it is still worth to wander inside the buildings.

 More information can be found here.

Last Tips about the Weather

Vilnius in Easter 2017
This is how the Easter in Vilnius looked like in 2017 (16th of April)

If you visit Vilnius in April, be prepared for various types of weather. For example, in 2017 the beginning of the month was very hot, the temperatures reached 20 degrees, but the chilly weather did not stay long and in few weeks Vilnius was all covered with snow. So check the weather forecasts very carefully before your journey to Vilnius.

You can check the weather forecast here.

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Things to do in Vilnius in April
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