Usually Vilnius really comes to life in July. The streets of the city are buzzing with travelers, relaxed people, crowded coffees and sweet summer vibes. However, this year due to Covid-19, Vilnius looks slightly different. It’s beautiful outside, but naturally there are less travelers this year. However, all the three Baltic States are considered to be among the safest travel destinations for the summer of 2020. Thus if you are wondering which city to chose for your holidays this summer, we definitely invite to visit the charming city of Vilnius!

So if you decided to visit Vilnius in July, please read our article to find the best things to do in the city this month.

Every Summer Friday and Saturday: Open Kitchen

The Open Kitchen is the food market under the open sky organized every Friday and Saturday not far from the city center in Tymas market. The variety of restaurants and food trucks invite locals and city guests to enjoy the food, drinks, and music in the relaxing atmosphere under the open sky.

The 6th of July: the coronation of  Mindaugas day

The 6th of July is the official holiday in Lithuania when the whole country celebrates the coronation of the first and the last Lithuanian king Mindaugas. He united the separate tribes living in Baltic and Slavic lands and since his times Lithuania became a state. Thus this day is very important in Lithuanian history as Lithuanians celebrate the foundations of the state.

Little is known of Mindaugas early life, rise to power, coronation location and even the date. Historians still dispute as to the accuracy of the date, however, since 1991 the 6th of July has been an official Lithuanian national holiday.

Visit king Mindaugas monument in Vilnius:

From 11th till the 14th of July: International Street theatre festival “Spot”

Join the free of charge street theatre performance in the cozy streets of Vilnius. Discover the artistic, urban side of Vilnius together with professional actors outside the stage. The festival will be located in different streets, parks, and squares of Vilnius.

Check the program of performance in the following link:

From the 15th till the 26th of July: Midsummer Vilnius festival

The festival offers the cultural program in the heart of Vilnius – the Palaces of Grand Dukes. Overall the 10th performance will be held consisting of the wide artistic spectrum: from classical to popular music, from opera arias to avant-garde music. Check their website for more information and the program:

From the 22nd of July till the 30th of August: The Christopher summer festival 2020

The biggest music festival traditionally held since 1994 every summer in Vilnius. The name of the festival comes from Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers and Vilnius. The essence of the festival is in its title – a variety of musical genres and the sense of belonging to Vilnius. The concerts are organized in the very special places of Vilnius – churches, secret courtyards or under the open sky. The motto of the festival is All genres are good except the boring ones, and variety of different genres (masterpieces of classical music, jazz, pop, rock, traditional and experimental sounds) truly reflects this.

In 2017 the Christopher summer festival was even internationally recognized and now ranks among the finest festivals in Europe. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy the concerts in the charming corners of the city. Please check the program via the following website:

The 30th of July: Vilnius Burger Fest’

The only festival in Lithuania dedicates to burger gourmets and experts!

The festival will take place in the courtyard of Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema museum. The entrance is free of charge!

Last Tips about the Weather

Even though statistically July is the hottest month In Lithuania, the temperature varies a lot. The pleasant temperatures around 21/23 C can be highly expected. On warmer days, the temperature can reach 27 C, and on cold days, it can drop to 13 C. Also, July is fairly rainy in Vilnius, so before your visit check the weather forecast very carefully since it is possible that you might need an umbrella here.

Things to Do in Vilnius in July
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