When? The free walking tour starts Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 01:30 pm.

Booking is necessary at least one day in advance via the email info@vilniusfreetour.lt or the booking page.

Note: No free tours on the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

Where? Starts in front of the monument of Gediminas at Cathedral square.

The village in the city center will be seen during Undiscovered Vilnius Free Tour..


How much? Based on tips, that means that if you like the tour you can evaluate the guide’s job by giving him some tips.

P.S. Walking distance is around 4 km.

The highlights of the Undiscovered free walking tour:

  • Wooden architecture of Vilnius in a very contrasting part of the town
  • The panoramic views
  • Europe square in the modern city center
  • The center of the Soviet Vilnius
  • All this and much more

Undiscovered Vilnius free tour is the best way to get a different perspective of Vilnius. If during the Old Town Tour we travel in time and take you back to the medieval Vilnius with its beautiful sites and magnificent churches, the Undiscovered Vilnius tour focus on the less known areas of Vilnius that could be hard for a traveler to discover on it’s own. 

Throughout the tour, we will take you to the most contrasting area of Vilnius called Šnipiškės. In this area, abandoned wooden houses and modern skyscrapers are just meters away from each other. To feel the contrast better, we will reach the modern city center to admire the panoramic views from the top floor of the highest skyscraper in Lithuania.

It is very likely that all those areas will change completely in a few years, so don’t miss an opportunity to be a witness of these changes and let us take you to most contrasting and undiscovered places of Vilnius.

Wear comfortable shoes; Get in a good mood, and join the Undiscovered Vilnius tour to gain an authentic insight into Vilnius outside the tourist trail.