100 years of Lithuania independence, part of the itinerary of the tour

When? At the moment private tours are available only;

Where? In front of the Gediminas monument at Cathedral square;

Duration: 2 -2,5 hours;

How much? Prices for the private tour in Vilnius:

  • 1 person – 80 Eur in total;
  • 2 persons – 90 Eur in total;
  • 3 persons, – 100 Eur in total;
  • 4 persons, – 110 Eur in total
  • 5 persons – 120 Eur in total;
  • 6- 125 Eur in total;
  • 7 -8- 130 Eur in total;
  • 9-10 – 140 Eur in total;
  • 11 and more, – 14 Eur per person.

Contact us in advance at  info@vilniusfreetour.lt for ordering the tour.

In 2018 Lithuania, together with Latvia, Estonia and other European countries celebrated the centenary anniversary of their modern independence.  Lithuanians are encouraged to mark this important birthday not only on the independence day (16th of February), but through all of the year.  We decided to give a contribution to this great anniversary by offering you a new tour focussing on the last 100 years’ history of Vilnius and the events that took place here in the last century.

Let’s commemorate this great anniversary and find out more about Lithuania’s road to freedom together!

What will you see during the walking tour in Vilnius?

  • The Signatories House- the historical place where the Act of Lithuanian independence was signed in 1918;
  • The only church in Vilnius dedicated to Lithuanian army;
  • Renaissance style courtyards related to the times when Vilnius was under the Polish State (1920-1939);
  • Places central to Lithuanian cultural life in the last 100 years;
  • KGB museum, the house of tragedies, there a lot of freedom fighters lost their lives;
  • The only prison in Vilnius located in the city center;
  • Lithuanian parliament- the historical place where the Act of restoration of independence was signed in 1990.
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