Visit Vilnius in November to see the fallen leavesNovember just started and we present you our monthly article aiming to advise you what to do if you visit Vilnius in November.

November in Lithuanian language is lapkritis that literally means the falling leaves. The colorful bouquet from green to rich red and golden yellow leaves blanket the ground, the city becomes calm and melancholic. If you just decided to visit Vilnius this month, please check our article for the best things to do in Vilnius.

1st of November- All Saints day

While on the Eve of All Saints day many people in the world celebrate Halloween with creepy costumes, carved pumpkins and tricks, the next day in Lithuania is welcomed with calmness and peace.

All Saints day in the Christian world is a celebration of all saints and especially those who do not have its’ own feast day. In Lithuania, it is a public holiday dedicated to remember and honor the souls of passed away. Most of Lithuanians call it “Velines”  which was the celebration in pagan times that honored the souls of dead ancestors with special rituals. Though the years these rituals became traditions that are still live today. Usually, a  lot of Lithuanians leave their homes and visit the graves of their relatives thinking about those that passed away.  The cemeteries are gorgeous that night, the tombs are decorated with flowers and lit by candles.

Visit cemeteries in Vilnius

The best way to spend this day is to visit any cemetery in Vilnius. The sight of hundreds of graveside candles glowing in the dark creates romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Here is the list of the most famous cemeteries in Vilnius where a lot of famous Lithuanians rest in peace.

  1. Rasu Cemetery that is the oldest cemeteries in Vilnius
  2. Bernadine’s Cemetary– the second oldest in Vilnius
  3. Antakalnio Cemetery – the biggest cemetery in Vilnius

From 4th November till 10th of November: Vilnius Gastronomy Week

Vilnius gastronomy weekIf you visit Vilnius this week, don’t miss an opportunity to taste Vilnius Gastronomy Week dishes. November traditionally becomes gourmet discoveries month. Already the six year in the row, the gastronomy week will take place in different restaurants of Vilnius that will offer a wide range of dishes dedicated to food gourmets and those who want to discover a higher food culture.

From 16th till 17th of November – GameOn Festival

It is the largest gaming event in Lithuanian dedicated to gamers and new technology fans. Free video games,”Counter Strike” tournament, knowledge sharing sessions with the “rock stars” of the industry, all this and much more during this video culture show.

Please check their website for more information.

From 13th of November till 17th of November: International Jazz Festival “Vilnius Mama Jazz”

Visit Vilnius during Vilnius Mama jazz festival
“Mama Jazz” Festival

If you visit Vilnius on the second part of November and you are a fan of jazz music, don’t miss this festival.

Since 2002 Vilnius Mama Jazz festival became one of the largest autumn events in the capital. The festival invites world-famous performers together with Lithuanian jazz maestros to perform.

The festival takes place at Lithuanian National  Drama theatre (part of the concerts are held in its lobby and are free of charge), live music club Tamsta and Russian Drama Theatre.

One of the main innovations of the festival is the discussion platform “Vilnius Mama Jazz Margins” that invites performers and academic community to discuss current trends of jazz music.

More about the festival, it’s program, tickets, and prices you can find here.

Last tips about the weather

Forests in Vilnius in NovemberIf you visit Vilnius in November, be prepared for cool weather. Have in mind that November is usually cold, cloudy, windy and humid. The first part of the month is usually warmer and lighter, but further you go, the darker and colder it becomes. The chance of a wet day remains around 24%.

The length of the daylight is also rapidly decreasing. At the beginning of the month, the days are about 9 hours long, but in the end, only 7 hours 41 min are light. Have in mind that about 3-4 pm it will start getting dark.

So before your trip to Vilnius, check the weather forecast very carefully and be prepared: bring a windproof jacket, umbrella and most importantly, for your personal comfort bring warm coat and shoes.


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